Lawrence Is A Fitness Trainer's Trainer

I've been training with Lawrence for almost three years. After having followed many exercise programs, used other trainers, as well as tried various techniques to stay in shape to get fit, I can truly say my results with his program have been nothing short of extraordinary. I've lost over 20 lbs. and regained my shape. In fact, I have achieved a fitness level with muscle definition I haven't seen since my youth. Even a shoulder injury in a biking accident couldn't hinder my progress as Lawrence gently and successfully guided me through recovery in record-breaking time.

His applied vast knowledge of human physiology and tenure as an accomplished acrobat has created a fitness program, better yet, a lifestyle that stands well above any of which I am familiar. As an added bonus, his state-of-the-art gym reflects his unique creative and artistic approach to fitness. Just look at both Lawrence and Jennifer. They truly walk their talk. Lawrence is a fitness trainer's trainer.

Don Krasen

Jennifer Grantham

An environmental designer who traded in a desk job for the gym, I bring the influence of planning and practice into fitness.