The Art Of Exercise

I find it odd that no one ever talks about the art and mastery of exercise. Surely it must matter how we do it!

As an exercise physiologist/researcher/trainer, I have spent years working with hundreds of bodies, dozens of techniques, and reams of research. My first goal has always been to create a beautifully shaped and proportioned body for each and every client. It's a great way to stay in business!

But there is more to lifespan than just "good looks". For this reason we choose to place great importance on perfect health, or as we refer to it, the fountain of youthful potential.

And third, we all want longevity -- keeping our looks and youthful vitality as long as possible.

For decades we have been told how much, how often, and how hard to exercise. And for decades many people have started an exercise program, yet most of them have quit. My experience leads me to disagree with those who blame laziness or lack of motivation.

I believe people want to exercise. I believe that the way you think about exercise, the way you do it, and how well it works are issues at the very core of your success or failure. How much, how often, and how hard are minor considerations compared to what you do and how you do it.

The desire is to look and feel great! But what does "look great" mean? Very seldom does a person want to look like a male or female bodybuilder. They usually want to look like those people in the magazine ads and television commercials. More than just losing a little weight, people want their perfect size. They want to look very attractive, even beautiful. They want to look and feel desirable in society.

If the images this conjures up interest you, please continue to read what I have learned. Many people, all shapes, all sizes, and ages, have gotten what I have. You definitely can, too.

There is an art to getting what you want, and it's not that hard.


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