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40 years of personal training


Hello. My name is Lawrence Lee Lane and I have created a new image of fitness: a body that looks great, feels great, works perfectly at all times, and doesn't get old, weak, and feeble.

The purpose and goal of my physical education program is to liberate humankind from the perceived notion that fat, sickness, and aging are inevitable. The core values of classical exercise are truth, love, and honor of the human body -- reverence for the findings of pure exercise science. I seek to teach the true unfettered knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and exercise.

I own GymStudio, a private personal training gym located in Dallas, TX. Please contact me if you want a great body, and information on how you really can have the fountain of youth.


Teen Aging

by Lawrence Lee Lane

Perhaps the most recognized narrative in everyone’s lives, the teenage years are often portrayed as an era to overcome and an awkward experience spent rebelling against the world around us. 

This book introduces us to a different story, one of hope and opportunity, a relevant, creative, and empowering depiction of coming of age in an otherwise time of uncertainty. 

Teen Aging offers a model of health, beauty, and independence through the voice of an experienced guide, sharing a method for creating a successful aging process during an influential period of life in a thoughtful and accessible way.

The Five Ideas: The first idea is that exercise is essential. The second idea is that neuromuscular is human freedom. The third idea is that technique manifests quality. The fourth idea is that we choose expectations. The fifth idea is that we choose to learn and practice exercise skills.


How To Not Get Old

by Lawrence Lee Lane

This is a guidebook for personal physical education. These are the directions for an ageless human body. Not only is it possible to avoid looking and feeling old, it is simple to learn and master a how-to skill set for proper care and maintenance.

This is a program of exercise created by a man who has succeeded thus far. He describes philosophy and method in simple text and video. The research and design has been refined from more than 40 years of professional practice.

This book is alive. Notification of content updates are included. There is no less stress than in private lessons. Enjoy learning fitness.


The Art Of Exercise

by Lawrence Lee Lane

Everyone wants exercise to work. We want to lose weight. We want to look good. The only problem comes when exercise is difficult, injury-prone, and includes lackluster results. It is impossible to stay motivated with unfulfilled expectations. We all stop.

Lawrence Lee Lane took his love for the arts and sciences of the human body, and never left the study and practice of human development. Exactly how exercise produces results remains the subject. Teaching in clear and concise pieces of knowledge is the easy way for anyone to learn and understand.

This book serves as a declaration of exercise with the definition, purpose, and procedure always blended into each how-to sentence. A self-help introduction to the philosophy, psychology, and step-by-step instructions of exercise that produces results. Success is per workout, when exercise works.

The greatest gift you can ever give yourself is learning how to make your exercise work. You can definitely have a better body, and be the best version of yourself daily. With beautiful images, access to a video library, and well-composed guidance, let The Art Of Exercise take you where you want to go!


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